Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Islamic Republicans

As you've no doubt already seen, this past week's events in Iran have captured the world's attention and have given rise to a new solidarity movement between the Iranian people, and American pundits, politicians, and think-tankers who have spent much of last decade plotting how best to annihilate their country. Yes, everyone from Fred Hiatt's Washington Post to Jeffie Goldberg and the gang at the Weekly Standard and Commentary have discovered a new kinship with the brave, jew-hating, uranium enriching, men and women who up until a scant few weeks ago were only seen through the cross-hairs of their pop-guns as target number one on their "Who would you rather bomb?" list.

Even better are House Republicans, who when not taking advantage of the social networking and new media revolution to circulate images of Obama eating watermelons or as a monkey, are taking to Twitter like their Iranian brothers and sisters, giving us such gems as:

You see "HouseRepubs" are exactly like oppressed minorities...obsessed with their own persecution. However, the Twits have made short work of Hoekstra in this case, fully meme-ifying his idiocy.

I wonder what would happen if city-dwelling, cosmopolitan youths, and worst of all, attractive women, in this country took the streets in equal numbers to protest a fraudulent election and the actions of their corrupt, murderous, pseudo-religious regime? I'm pretty sure we'd see similar displays of solidarity...with the riot police, and probably a few snarky blog posts about dead and beaten hippies.

All this is par for the neocon course. Now that imagining themselves as personally "liberating" Iraq, and defeating tyranny the world over has run its course, they have to outsource their appropriating of other people's bravery from American G.I.'s to swarthy foreigners, even evil foreigners they hope to order other people to kill one day. My favorite line to come out of this is that this "Green Revolution" would have been impossible without their glorious invasion of Iraq, the idea being that never before have the Iranian people witnessed the true power of democracy so close by, even counseling Obama to make reference to Iraq's fledgling democracy when addressing the Iranian situation. Yes, because I'm sure every man, woman, and child in Iran has looked next door at the fruits of American democracy, and said to themselves, "I want me some of that!" Leaving aside the fact that the Ayatollahs and Iranian hardliners were the chief beneficiaries of their great and glorious invasion, is there any chain of historical events that won't redeem them? In the eyes of a media, which continues to employ them, the answer is, no.

Conversely, on the lib/prog side we see a same projection with regards to the events in Iran, with hawks like George Packer under the telling headline "Iran Reveals Us", squawking for more intervention, more solidarity, more strength, faster, harder, stronger! It certainly does reveal quite a bit from one of the Iraq war's original boosters. As IOZ points out, for all the liberal passion for Mousavi there seems to be a memory hole regarding the fact that the very same Mousavi was Prime Minister of Iran during the 1980s, at a time when the regime was even more brutal and oppressive than what Ahmadinejad currently offers. The great one from the Steel City continues:
Moussavi's reformist campaign and image, not to mention his fervent support among university students and highly educated urbanites certainly bear a distinct resemblance to another epochal reformer who is even as we speak working diligently and assiduously to rationalize the policies of his predecessor. Change you can believe in.
It's funny because it's true...Just once, on both right and left, I would like the response to some world event to be the following: we do nothing. Is there anything that takes place on planet earth that we aren't obliged to offer an opinion on? Or even worse, is there any group of people in human history who we don't have to "take action" on behalf of?

No matter who you are, or where you live on this planet, you can be sure that no matter what you're going through, pundits in American will feel your pain, know your hope, look at you, and see exactly what's most important: themselves.

Also, please check out Alison Kilkenny who has a good round-up of the perils of the Twitter revolution as well as the newly discovered "empathy"--no longer a dirty word--among the neocons for people they don't give a shit about.

And, Dennis Perrin offers some useful comparisons between the Islamic Republic and USA#1. Similar to what I mentioned on Monday, in America, we riot only after sporting events. In America, car burns you!

More, and better organized thoughts from Chris Floyd, mirroring the theme contained in the political cartoon which began this post.


  1. C'mon now DL, you know as well as I that it definitely matters who you are and where you live if 'Mercan pundits will deign to feel your pain and know your hope.

  2. He also became leader of the newly founded Islamic Republican Party, which was the most important group in the Majles